Alpine, TX

We made a short stop in the small town of Alpine, TX on our way to Big Bend National Park.  We went to a small community farmers market where we found homemade pickles (okra and sun chokes ), sweet potato quesadillas, fresh pea vines, quiches, tamales, fresh pecans, meyer lemon cream puffs, foccacia pizza, korean pancake, okara and grilled MUSUBI !!!!!

Grilled musubi and tamales for lunch!

We drove to historic Fort Davis, a national historic site.  Established in 1854 to protect emigrants, mail coaches, wagons and travelers.  The history and stories of this frontier military post are intriguing, from the medical practices during that time period to the soldiers who served at this post.  Many buildings have been restored and furnished.

The Butterfield Overland stagecoach provided delivery service of U.S. mail between St. Louis, Mo., and San Francisco, CA
The line of houses seen below is “Officer’s Row” which was built on a line with the magnetic north pole.



This is the enlisted men’s barracks, the docent told me to lay in the bed to see how it felt.  The mattresses were filled with hay which was strictly rationed between all the men.
Commissary storehouse
The  kitchen and servants quarters for “Officers Row“.
Army ambulance used in the 19th century
Army surgeon’s office and examination room

Fort Davis was a very interesting place to visit, it’s remote location made you appreciate and empathize with the soldiers living here.

Fort Davis is also a haven for 511 species of birds!

Driving back we came across a herd of deer
Sunset at Alpine, TX

Las Cruces, NM to Alpine, TX – 266 miles


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