Fort Stockton & San Antonio, TX

We made an overnight stop in Fort Stockton, established in 1858 to protect travelers heading west and east.  We stayed at Fort Stockton RV Park, it was clean and convenient.


There were several “silhouette sculptors” around the town explaining their significance to the history of Fort Stockton and Texas!

Comanche Springs


We visited Annie Riggs Memorial Museum (it was FILLED with incredible artifacts) and the historic Pecos County Jail built in 1883 (it was interesting to hear how the inmates had to relieve themselves) :0.


It’s interesting to learn about the history of these small towns, it has given us a deep appreciation for the pioneers and service men who lived on these lands.  We also learned a lot about the Native Americans that lived in this beautiful country!  Something that has remained in my heart is their philosophy that….” The land/nature belongs to no one, but belongs to all“!!!!

The city of historic San Antonio was named in 1691 after Saint Anthony of Padua by Spanish explorers.  We stayed at the Travelers World RV Resort, it’s clean, comfortable and in a convenient location.

Statue of Saint Anthony on the Riverwalk

We visited The Alamo “The Shrine of Texas Liberty“!


We went to the Western Heritage Parade and Cattle Drive in San Antonio,  we saw the incredible Texas Longhorns and they also had a festival in the Alamo Plaza where they shared historic practices of  the times.  There were Blacksmiths, gun merchants, weavers, rope makers, etc…… they even had a Chuck Wagon serving free biscuits and gravy made in cast iron pots with charcoal!  Cool 🙂


We want to return to San Antonio to explore the missions in the area which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Big Bend National Park to Fort Stockton – 137 miles

Fort Stockton to San Antonio – 312 miles

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